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A Note From the Editor

2020. The world feels like it is crashing around us. Disease has ravaged the American nation since early March. Political unrest bubbles to the surface with every mass protest and presidential campaign. College students are graduating or beginning school online.  

Even under these circumstances, art prevails.  

Back in August, our magazine staff was discussing themes, when one my editors dissented against ‘plague’ and ‘apocalypse’, our top contenders.  

She said, “ I am so SICK of seeing one bad thing after another every time I check social media. Don’t we need a break from all of it?” 

And so, the theme became resilience. If someone had asked what resilience meant to me a few months ago, I probably would’ve given a lack-luster response.  

If someone were to ask what resilience means to me right now, I’d say:  

It is wearing a mask. 

It is addressing your worldview.  

It is getting that degree online. 

                                         It is our capacity to cope, despite it all.

                                                                                            -Ciera Jones, Editor-in-Cheif


Meghan Shaffer
Jeromy Mackey

Our magazine is dedicated in part to Jamain Stephens, a well-loved Cal U student lost too soon during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Big Man on Campus" hopes to capture his impact and the hole he left on our small campus.


Photo: By Cal U Athletic Department