Never Enough

Johanna Eisel

Giver and

People pleaser

By Nature.

“Attend University.”

I did,

Received scholarships,

Dean’s List,

4.0 GPA.

Your response: “You need to spend more time with your family.”

I did,

Planned dinners,

Cleaned the house,

Invited you over.

Your response: “You need to spend more time with your friends.”

I did,

Went for walks in the woods,

Scheduled times to meet for drinks,

Sent encouraging texts.

Your response: “You need to travel like your sister.”

I did,

Went out of state,

Went out of the country,

These things cost money.

Your response: “Don’t get married; you’re too young.”

I will,

I’ve followed the path,

Done everything with flying colors,

Everything you’ve asked.

This time, your response doesn’t matter.

With every need met,

There’s always another need around the corner.

My needs and your needs





Graduating debtless from college.

Enjoying family.

Enjoying friends.


I’ve done these things.

Now, I’m done.

I get to make these decisions.