The Seed

Raven Garrett

Blew from the tree and cascaded gently down with the breeze of springtime

It landed on fresh, wet soil and dreamed about growing big

The spring rain did not fail the seed and it lay sodden

The laughing, whirring, and metallic machinery clangs met the seed

It was wet, but heavier than the rain had ever been

The darkness of night fell onto the seed, darker than ever before

No moon or stars, no fires, or curious flashlights

The seed could not see, nor hear, nor breathe

It laid smashed under the cement, unable to grow

Visions of lush green leaves and long, thin branches faded

All hope had been lost

Until many weeks later, the seed noticed a change

The eternal nightfall had been sliced by tiny lightning bolts

And sunshine had found the seed

The sunshine was fractured, scarce

But the hope returned to the seed

And visions of green leaves and long, thin branches became vivid

The sprout, had emerged from the cement

No longer a seed, no longer hopeless

It was greeted with sunshine, no longer scarce

The breeze welcomed the sprout back

The heat of the summer embraced the sprout

As life had found its way.