The Process of Being Cheated On

Sierra McIntyre

Wintery snow covers the rustic lodge

In the fairy lights, I see him.

How he would joke and make me laugh

Cuddled next to the each other in bed

Giving each other warm, caring kisses

Not thinking of the frostbite of tears.

Sadness has greeted me through my tears

And this is no more loving kisses

I sleep alone in this giant bed

I no longer have a reason to laugh.

For now the other woman is with him

I'm sure they're together at his lodge.

I miss the homey welcome of his lodge

When thinking of time there all that comes is tears.

I don't know how to carry on without him

I long to feel more of his kisses

I'd do anything to have him make me laugh

Laying in darkness, in a cold bed.

I'm never gonna leave my empty bed

Though it's not as cozy as the one at the lodge.

Even watching a rom-com, I cannot laugh

All I can feel is my hot tears.

My skin burns from where he placed his kisses

No other lover will be like him.

I know my heart and body belong to him

No other man I want in my bed.

I would feel disgusted to have another's kisses

My heart's flame has burned out just as the one in the lodge.

Anymore I believe my eyes ran out of tears

And my voice forgot how to laugh.

My bedroom fills with the Friends fake laugh

I honestly don't know what life is without him.

On a lonely Friday night, I'm greeted again with tears

I lay lifeless in bed.

I wish to know if you he took her to the lodge

For once I'm tired of the tears, make myself get out of bed.

I remember to laugh when I see my reflection, I decide to go see him

I drive myself to see him and his lover at the lodge.