Gratifying the Abattoir

Sydney Holley

I tore beauties out of the ground

freshly planted for a home

brimming with men who

looked to prey upon us frail and

delicate cattle, among the other

masses crowding up the

unkempt butcher house.

Little baby herbivores immodestly

yearning for supplements in the stems

that soaked up forty-three percent alcohol

but only needed roughly twelve

By chance we breathed in the air

and found the oxygen to be smog,

ridden with monoxides and

we were anesthetized

So we didn’t have to endure the agony

of coercion or a .22 caliber

Dissolve with me-

milligrams killing time

contaminating the water flow

Flowers sticky like molasses-

Potent and viscous on the fingertips

Indulging the livestock with grass and grain

Dissolve with me and care for me

tenderly after the slaughter