Strategy is Everything

Christopher Girardi

The shining guards of the kingdom

Swords drawn and mounted

Ready to leap over allies into the frontline

The clergymen, adjacent to their leaders

Few in numbers and kept in the rear of the army

Restraining themselves from attacking head one

The first line of defense

Numerous, but timid and feeble

Petrified with fear only in the face of direct danger

The brave wife, beloved by many

A Lady of the Wind with an everlasting reach

Waiting to strike down all who threaten their army

At the center lies their ruler

Refusing to move more than an inch

They would die to protect him or risk surrender

Behind them all sits their stronghold

A symbol of their kingdom through stone and mortar

An authority that stretches to other lands

Opposite to them, stands another army

Equal in strength and in numbers

Impatiently waiting for their fated clash

This is not just war, but a game of minds

Both rulers trying to outsmart what the other may do

Every choice moves one or the other closer to victory

No one knows how war plays out

But history guarantees us one truth

One always falls, eventually